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This Giant Floating Raft Is A Replica Of The Titanic Floating Door And I Need This In My Life

Jan 30, 2024

This giant pool float is the perfect thing to recreate that infamous Titanic scene where Rose was perched on the floating door, leaving poor jack to freeze in the cold.

Let's get real. We all know there was plenty of room for Jack to crawl up on the door — they could have found a way to make it work!!

You can actually recreate the scene, and find out for yourself — could Rose have saved Jack??

Check out this Inflatable, Double Sized, 2-Person Titanic Raft, that is the perfect blowup replica of the iconic floating Titanic door.

I mean, this thing is HUGE!!

It's an extra large 48 inches by 84 inches — that's like having a giant floating bed right in your pool.

I bought this bc I looooooooove the movie, but damn — it exceeded my expectations. It genuinely was like tanning on a blow up bed — fell asleep on that thing more than once. Perfect summer float.

Y’all. I need this Titanic Pool Float in my life! I can see myself spending hours lounging in the sun on this giant floating raft.

OMGosh, I can not WAIT to spend some quality time in the pool, under the warm sun, soaking up the rays and sporadically splashing myself with the crystal-clear, cool water.

Ugh!! Doesn't that sound wonderful?!?

This Titanic Pool Float is made of Heavy-Duty durable PVC plastic, and it is going to last you all summer long. (If you treat it right, that is!!)

I am Huge Titanic fan and I bought this instantly upon seeing it . Yes, Jack could have fit. But the question is with the waves would buoyancy would it work? Oh well my Heart Will Go On.

You can get this Giant Titanic Pool Float for the amazing price of $34.99!

To get your own Giant Titanic Raft, head on over to the Amazon website.

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